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Treating a client's project

as if it were your own ensures giving 100%.



Are you preparing to open an establishment? I'm here to assist with all aspects related to front-of-house service: team coaching and well-being, equipment selection, scheduling, communication with the kitchen, and more. Together, we'll examine all the necessary elements to establish a solid foundation and a service tailored to your clientele and project."


You already own an establishment, but things aren't going as you'd like? Want to give a boost to your team? No problem: I'll analyze your organization, identify any dysfunctions, and offer tailored solutions. Your desires and needs are at the core of my concerns, so I remain attentive to provide you with effective coaching without altering your project. Sometimes, a few simple adjustments can make all the difference."


Are you organizing a public or private event and looking for someone to lead the service team? Count on me. I support you in advance to understand your project, identify potential challenges ahead of time, and address them promptly. On the big day, I take the lead of the service team, ensuring that everything goes according to plan while being adaptable if necessary. Together, we'll make your event an exceptional moment.
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